Honours and Awards


We are pleased to say that we FINALLY got Barry Hunter’s award presented. The Medal Of Fortitude!
We first did a video at an Area Scouter’s Club and everyone gave their congratulations to him.  Our intention was to send the award and video to the family to present him in hospital.  When I told his wife what we did, she thought that was awesome, BUT wanted us to present personally to him.  So we quickly arranged it on Saturday, Jan. 28th in the afternoon.
It was suppose to be done last Sunday, but he ended back in hospital Isolation for the week.  He came home Friday, weak and in a wheelchair.
A small group of us were able to present in front of his family.  He was VERY touched and appreciative.  His Grandson, Scout Wesley, presented the medal after I read the submission and George Slote, Area Commissioner read the Council award letters.  Barry was also humbled by the letter submitted by his Dr. supporting the award.
It meant the world to him.