Senior Sections

I have been asked by George Slote and Bill Holt to put together a Brant Area Rover website to try to help improve electronic communication between crews.

I have created the basic website dedicated to Rovering in Brant and it can be found by going to  Rovering in Brant.  This is a free website hosted by  On the Brant Rovers site there is a calendar, a survey, a contacts page and a page linking to other useful scouting/rovering resources.

The calendar has all the moots going on in Ontario and will also have the group meeting times and places once they are confirmed with any groups.  A short survey for rovers and advisor’s to take is also on the site.  The survey is there to get a general idea of things in rovers.  I would like to do a new survey every quarter, so if there are questions you would like to ask, email me and I will add it to the next survey.  The survey will only work if it is used, please pass the information along to advisor’s and crew and encourage them to take the survey.  It only takes a few minutes.  The contacts page will list the main contact person for each crew.  This could be an advisor or a crew member.  Please let me know who that is and I will add it to the website.

I have set up an email if anyone has anything they need emailed to Bill or about the website, etc. can be emailed to this address and it will be either brought to Bill’s attention or if it is something to with the website or other electronic communications I will take care of it.

There also is a Facebook group page for Brant District Rovers, it can be found at  If you are Facebook please take the time to add yourself to the group if you have not already been added.  It will be a great tool to discuss what is going on here in Brant.

These tools will only work if Crew memebers and scouters use them on a regular basis.  If we use these tools, I am sure together we can help better communicate and in the end grow our section.


Yours in Scouting

Bryce Hill