HI Team,

I know there’s some confusion out there about E-learning credits and “what training do Scouters need” so I’m hoping this will be helpful.

 In the Older Days:

 We had Module 1 (all sections) and Milestone I training. Module 1 (all sections) also included Child and Youth Safety and Accessibility training. On Myscouts, the requirements show as : WB1, Acc, CYS, and MS1.

 The requirement acronyms haven’t changed, but the way one can complete this training has.


 Module 1 (all sections) = Scouting Fundamentals. Scouting Fundamentals, like the older Module 1, is also split up in 7 different sessions. Session 5 is now Respect in Sports (CYS) and Session 6 is the Accessibility training.

 This is the training all NEW Scouters need to take. They can be made active in their role as a 1st time volunteer but like before, they cannot count for ratio until they’ve completed “MS1”. What’s MS1 now? I’m SO glad you asked!

 MS1 =  Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path. One major change now is that Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path is NOT section-specific in terms of technical credits given.

 The attached document is a screenshot of all different screens scene on “My Learning Path.” Slide 5 shows how My learning Path asks what section they are working on. Depending on what the Scouter selects, the case examples displayed in the modules gets section specific but it doesn’t which course is actually taken.

 So what courses make up WB1 for TCP?

 Go to slide 14.

 You’ll notice there are 6 areas to the Learning Map. Firstly, I’ll explain that My Learning Path will confirm with the Scouter that the Scouting Fundamentals modules have been completed before showing the map. If someone has already done it, then they can select “returning scouter” and it’ll bypass Scouting Fundamentals and take the user straight to the map (see slide 6).

 WB1 for TCP can be completed by doing all modules listed in the following areas:

           Facilitating the Program

          Scouters Working Together

          Canadian Path Fundamentals

          Canadian Path Principles

 In these 4 areas are houses a total of 17 modules. Once completed, the “MS1” requirement would fall off on the Myscouts record.

 Lastly, the Supporting the Program area is for Group Committee training only. Section Scouters DO NOT need to complete the modules here.

 I can tell you that the Myscouts developers are looking to update the requirement acronyms found on Myscouts to reflect the new E-Learning training but it’s still a work in progress. I don’t have a hard date when it will be done but trust me when I say it’s on our radar.

 For a breakdown of the 17 modules, see the image below:



I hope this email is helpful and clarifying. Feel free to share this with whoever may benefit from it.

My Learning Path - Full Process Screen Shots